Zing Kleen-Up is a daily floor cleaner that not only cleans the floor, but also leaves behind a protective film that can be buffed or burnished.
After cleaning your floor, burnish your floor by using a high speed floor machine and your favorite floor pad to bring back the best look in your floor.
This product is scientifically formulated to restore your floor by to removing ground-in dirt without stripping. Use a high speed machine with a black burnishing pad for best results.
Refer to 'The Science of Kleen-Up' to see how it works!
Green Cleaning
Zing Kleen-Up is EPA Safer Choice Certified, and at just 1oz. to a gallon, Zing Kleen-Up allows you to clean green while you save green! 
Results You Can Expect With Zing Kleen-Up!
Before Zing
Zing Kleened!

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Before Zing
Zing Kleened!

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