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Daily Floor Cleaner

     KLEEN-UP is a daily cleaner designed to separate dirt from the water you are using to clean. This ensures you are always cleaning with clean water. KLEEN-UP leaves behind a film that protects your floor from dirt and other harmful particles. This film is removed and replaced each time you clean using KLEEN-UP. KLEEN-UP is designed to self polish your floor when it is applied. 

Does your floor still look dirty? Click on the links below to learn about specific ways to clean and maintain your floor.

KLEEN-UP is also used for burnishing. Click on the links below to learn more.

Click on the links below to learn about KLEEN-UP for daily cleaning.

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Zinged School.png
Zinged Office.png

Floor Still Not Coming Clean? See 'Zing Floor Prep' Product Page For more details.

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